International Prize
The goal of the Prize
For their great contribution to solving important humanitarian problems. The Prize is dedicated to support initiatives related to social change through volunteering.
You can get acquainted with the finalists projects
is to encourage citizens
and organizations from
all over the world
The Prize is awarded annually to citizens and organizations regardless of their country of residence, nationality, gender, etc. The selection of the Laureates of the Prize is made from 6 regions of the world: the CIS, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and North Africa, North and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Over the past years 850 projects of selfless aid from 85 countries have participated in the International Prize.

Рrojects in the field of mental and physical health, blood donation, healthcare development, promotion of physical education and sports, as well as emergency assistance to people during disasters, catastrophes and emergency events.
«Healthcare and Emergency Response»
Рrojects in the field of environmental protection, environmental education, environmental consumption, «green» economy and technology.

«Ecology and Sustainable Development»
Рrojects aimed at improving the well-being of vulnerable categories of citizens, providing social assistance to people, revealing talents and educating a personality, developing education and volunteerism.
«Equal Opportunities and Social Justice»
Аwarded for special achievements in the field of promoting social change through volunteering and chosen from the Laureates of the other nominations.

Special nomination
«Good Deed of the Year»
Sharing the information about your project with the whole world
Expert support (meetings with high-ranking guests, leading experts, public figures)
Accompanying the laureates throughout the year: meetings with high-ranking guests, leading experts and public figures in the winning countries
Valuable prize 10 000 $ *
*the Prize may be paid in a different currency by the decision of the Organizers
Opportunity to take part in the International Forum of Civil Participation
Search for adherents and partners among the applicants all over the world
The Directorate is formed from outstanding leaders of international organizations and institutions.

The Directorate is authorized to:

•approve the plan for the holding of the Prize;

•approve the size of the prize fund;

•approve the list of the laureates.

Independent Regional Experts include the heads of large volunteer organizations and national associations from all over the world.

The mission of Regional Experts is to evaluate the relevance of the contributions of the nominees at the regional level.

Regional experts
International Prize Directorate
International Prize Directorate
Regional experts
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