"ASAN Letter" Social Program
Each of us had a childhood dream. Someone dreamed of a bicycle, someone of a beautiful and elegant doll, a good school briefcase, a "Spider-Man" costume, and much more. Speaking about the happy years of childhood, the image of a family, a happily spent time, and fulfilled dreams come to life in my head. However, not everyone has happy childhood years. Of course, many have an unfulfilled childhood dream in their soul. And it is not always possible to realize those dreams. Regardless of social status, and age, the "ASAN Letter" Social Program unites all people and spiritual ties, and on the basis of the principle "Joy will increase if you share it" fulfills all dreams and desires.

The purpose of this project is, based on the ancient traditions of virtues, to establish gratuitous social activities in our country, to help children feel a sense of joy without expecting any material benefit, and to see the smile on their faces. To begin with, children write letters that reflect dreams and desires. First of all, team is looking for such children, or they themselves turn to organizarion and write letters. These emails are posted on the asanmektub website.az and everyone who visits our website, after reading the letter buys a gift. After that, volunteers from the organization take the gift from the citizens and deliver them to the address. When someone selects one of the emails, this email becomes invisible to other site visitors. Also during the pandemic, the "ASAN Letter" social program helped elderly citizens over 65 by posting letters on the website that were voluntarily implemented by citizens who wish to help.
Equal opportunities and social justice
Azerbaijan, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)