The Blue-Pink Center for Women's Health
The Blue-Pink Center for Women's Health, is a novel initiative using hybridized cancer control model and technology to increase access to life-saving cancer prevention education, breast and cervical cancer screening, HPV vaccination and other very important treatment. Idris Ola is a the founder and CEO of the initiative, he leads a team of 17 volunteers, training and motivating them, and supporting their development.

As a medical doctor, he engages in women's cancer screenings and provides thorough cancer preventive education to women during outreach programs. In 2021, he worked with a group of young French professionals to create Shero, a chatbot for virtual cancer pre-diagnosis evaluation and scheduling. His active life position and dedication to social change through humanitarian services has a significant impact on Nigeria's fight against cancer, the avoidance of needless deaths, and the empowerment of women and young people.
Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle
Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa