The Yazidi Survivors Empowerment Project
Hussein Ibrahim takes part in important humanitarian activities. He and his team opened caravan schools in the camps and in remote villages to provide educational opportunities for girls recovering from conflict.

These schools were provided with the support of the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Education. The purpose of this initiative is to make girls not to drop out of school and deprive them of education, after ISIS took control of them. The 2nd activity is connected with The Yazidi Survivors Empowerment Project. It is made to integrate Yazidi women into society through psychological support sessions, leadership skills and support their needs.

Another activity is the opening of a small factory for the manufacture of masks, because of the necessary needs of society and in addition to their high prices in the markets, 14 women were employed who support their families and people with special needs, as 37,000 masks were manufactured per week, and they are distributed to government departments, schools and university students free of charge.
Equal Opportunities and Social Justice
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