Ethiopian Red Cross Society
Alleviate the situations and provide effective assistance of vulnerable persons and communities, the military and civilian victims affected by armed conflicts, internal tensions, emergency disasters, catastrophes and wars; Rehabilitate displaced victims and assist them to become self-reliant through development activities, act in restoring family links; Participate in and contribute to environment protection, supply of portable waters and provision of community sanitary services; Support the most vulnerable groups of the community especially women, children, elderly people and persons with disability; Disseminate international humanitarian law, popularize fundamental principles with a view to promoting the prevalence of peace; Raise membership and volunteers to mobilize them for humanitarian and development activities, and prepare and expand the Red Cross Youth; Undertake the necessary preparation during peace time strengthen partnership and conduct various trainings and capacities.

Main projects such as the Economic Security, Migration, Restoring Family Links, Wash, Women Empowerment, Covid-19 Protection, Street Children and Youth Rehabilitation, Environment Protection among others.
Equal opportunities and social justice
Ethiopia, Sub-Saharan Africa