Family Green Corporation
The main idea of Family Green Corporation is to positively impact on the lives of rural communities. The promotion of social change in rural communities in Cameroon is driven by action for social by actions meant to ease the difficulties faced by these communities.

The project name is GEVES-PROCOBI (Gestion Valorisation et Élimination de Salvinia pour Produire du Compost et du Biogaz), its purpose was to help the populations living around the lake Ossa wildlife sanctuary in Dizangue to fight against the invasion of the lake by the aquatic plant Salvinia Molesta. The purpose was to bring the community together to retrieve the Salvinia Molesta from the lake, to train them on how to transform these plants into Compost and Biogas, and to encourage the youth of the community to volunteer for the well being of their lake and their local economy through common actions.

The project was composed of a succession of activities including:

1. Sensitization of the local communities by FGC

2. Training of the populations and volunteers on production of compost and biogas from organic waste

3. Retrieval of Salvinia Molesta by FGC, along with local and national volunteers

4. Production of compost and Biogas for 50 families in the community
Ecology and sustainable development
Cameroon, Sub-Saharan Africa