Food instead of Medicine
With the popularization of the "Food instead of Medicine" theme Umandawa has become a talking point in Sri Lanka for promoting healthy food /eating habits among the Sri Lankans, The venture initiated on pure voluntary basis has created a important social change in the communities in their eating habits and based on the utilization of our nutritious traditional foods in their daily meals.

Even the five star hotels have adopted these food processes and utilizing natural colors from herbal flowers as a coloring alternative in their meals and sweets. With the popularization of these through social medias the number of people visiting the Umandawa for on the hand experiences is daily increasing, People from the length and breadth of the country make daily visits and more than ten thousands gather on special holidays. As the popularity grows the Umandawa has introduced an event as "Salpila" where all kinds of nutritious foods are available for consumption.
Medicine and healthy lifestyle
Sri Lanka, Asia-Pacific region