Good Market
Good Market, a platform for many volunteers to make positive changes to the people and the planet. Good Market includes such activities as:

1.Saturday Good Market - marketplace itself started as a zero-waste marketplace where the consumer can directly meet vendors and they can get a clear picture of where their food comes from or who made their clothes.

2. Incubator shop - Within shops university students work as volunteers to support shop operations and customer support.

3. Good Market Volunteer Academy - volunteer initiative to share knowledge and experience completely free those who are passionate to become entrepreneurs.

4. Urban Harvest - a plan to develop urban farming, a community kitchen, community gardens, waste vegetable, and fruits dehydration program to help Colombo city families because 60% of families are urban poor and they need immediate support to feed their families. Today throughout these activities Good Market positively impact on Sri Lanka and keep promoting volunteerism as a greater solution to fix community and environmental issues.
Ecology and Sustainable Development
Sri Lanka, Asia-pacific region