Her Initiative
Achieving financial freedom is a start in empowering young women to advance their rights and drive social change in other crucial areas of sexual reproductive health and rights. Organization believe in digital inclusion in challenging oppressive norms. Organization drive economic empowerment through mindset and skill transformation, opportunity linkage, and enhancing an enabling environment in collaborative effort with other likeminded organizations.

In mindset and skill transformation, it induct girls and young women into theoretical and practical entrepreneurship trainings, mobilize resources to them in terms of finances, information and connections through mentorship and linkages to financial service providers. While promoting financial resilience, expose young women to essential digital tools of technology in support of their entrepreneurship journey and their personal development. Campaign, Her campaign, in partnership with other young feminist organizations, targets gender-insensitive laws and institutions that impede the independence of young women.

With gender mainstreaming methods, we want to establish a community where young women may exercise their independence and influence over resource ownership. We promote the upholding of sexual reproductive health and rights in different networks in agendas including, gender based violence, child marriage etc.
Equal opportunities and social justice
Tanzania, Sub-Saharan Africa