Medical Volunteer
Ammar Safauldeen Hussein is the curator of a team of medical volunteers who work in the "red zone" in covid hospitals of the Republic of Tatarstan and since 2020, he has become the organizer of events, one of them is the "International Day of Nurses", in which about 450 people participated. He also gives lectures on "Healthy lifestyle" and "Donation" and participates in environmental events. He makes a great contribution into volunteering in various areas in the healthcare sector.

During the coronovirus pandemic, he worked the largest number of hours in the "red zone" in the Russian Federation. In the Republic of Sakha Yakutia, while participating in the emergency zone and fighting fires, he was chosen as a doctor who is responsible for medical care in the camp and the local population, where we could help about 800 people.
Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle
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