AMBALT OdV Volunteer Association
In 2024 there will be 40 years of Teresa Vittoria Cataldi's contribution to the realization of engaging projects. She is responsible for public relations and contacts with the families of children with Leukemia and Tumors in the AMBALT OdV Volunteer Association. The association was born to help and assist all oncohematological children in the Marche region and their families so that they are guaranteed the best therapies, the necessary professional skills of doctors and nurses, the optimal treatment in respect of the quality of life and human dignity and adequate social and economic support.

The volunteers, in the ward, support and entertain children with games and animations and help them, where necessary, in their school studies and, at home, they also follow them in the phases of remission or out-of-hospital control. In her opinion Health difficulties are covered by voluntary work or altruism, not for profit.
Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle
Italy, Europe