International Prize
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About the Prize
As part of the application campaign of the Prize 2022, applications were received from individuals and legal entities 85 countries in three nominations:

- Ecology and sustainable development
- Medicine and healthy lifestyle
- Equal opportunities and social justice

Applications were evaluated by the Regional Experts according to 7 criteria developed by the Project Office.

Based on the results of the assessment, the Experts identified 75 finalists:
Sharing the information about your project with the whole world
Expert support (meetings with high-ranking guests, leading experts, public figures)
Accompanying the laureates throughout the year: meetings with high-ranking guests, leading experts and public figures in the winning countries
Valuable prize
Equal opportunities and social justice
Ecology and sustainable development
Medicine and healthy lifestyle
June 9 – August 15, 2022

Application period
September – October 2022
Formation of the list of Nominees
Stage I. Application campaign
The list of Nominees will be formed by the Prize Organizing Committee in accordance with formal criteria
October – November 2022
Evaluation of Applications by the Regional experts
November 2022
Formation of the list of Laureates based on the results of the Directorate 's assessment
Stage II. Selection of Laureates
December 2-5, 2022

International Forum of Civil Participation #WEARETOGETHER and Award Ceremony
Stage III. Ceremony
Full-time participation is required for Prize Laureates
5 декабря 2020 – 20 сентября 2021
November 2022
Invitation to the Award Ceremony in Moscow, Russia
International Prize Directorate
Regional experts
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