Peru Tree-planting Association
A non-profit organization that seeks to generate a real positive impact on the Arequipa community, through care for the environment.

Work in three axes:

1. Contribute to reforestation, afforestation and afforestation with native trees in urban and peri-urban areas in the Arequipa region and southern Peru.

2. Sensitize and educate the Arequipa population on issues related to the environment.

3. Denounce illegal urban logging and propose alternative solutions.

The project has been in existence for 3 years, and is in cultivation to be able to last 1000 years in time, strengthening the organizational culture of the association and friendship among its members. Volunteers of the project seek to strengthen ourselves in tree planting techniques, and specialists in social communication and psychology to generate greater awareness, this last year volunteers are formulating projects that involve information management and data mining, as well as research.
Ecology and sustainable development
Peru, North and South America