IHAP project Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Foundation
The IHAP project of the Elizabeth Glaser organization is a five-year renewable project funded by PEPFAR and it was recently renewed because of its good performance and plans to expand in the country. Dr. Lena Wasongolwa's contribution to this project is that she was a volunteer, responsible for supervising the maternity wards that received pregnant women living with HIV to ensure that they and their babies received all the services we had to offer. She was also the community HIV testing manager.

The main goal of this project is never again to allow vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child. Medical and especially psychosocial skills are very necessary during the preparation and implementation of this project. This care is a global therapeutic approach and includes, in addition to medical support, several components: psychological, spiritual, hygienic, social, economic, professional and family.
Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle
Congo, Sub-Saharan Africa