Red Espaz Peru
Paul Rivera Jaramillo leads the community called "International Network of Students for Peace" (Red Espaz Peru). He also organized "Schools of Leaders for Peace", aimed at young people who seek to promote leadership, volunteering, education, culture of peace and nonviolence. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he created the project called "Estamos Contigo" (We are Together), a space in which he invited volunteers with the purpose of providing food aid to affected people, especially immigrants in Peru.

The results the schools have achieved a great impact on the Peruvian youth, because the young people have developed their talents, their soft skills, and approximately 200 young people managed to obtain scholarships for education abroad. The project "Estamos Contigo" has a positive result and helped to take care of people according to their needs.
Equal Opportunities and Social Justice
Peru, North and South America