TikTok Challenge
School Campaign "ENGENDERS"
The core idea of Roseline Adewuyi's events and activities is to end gender stereotypes, especially in schools. The TikTok challenge was innovative social media platform, which was used for social change. She started with a TikTok competition organized to mark the International Day of the Girl Child. It has continued into this year titled ENGENDERS (Ending Gender Stereotypes in Schools).

The focus and main target of these projects are the young girls who are the targets of the cultural conditioning of patriarchy. She also educates their teachers and other educators not to use their position in the lives of the young girls to enable such unequal stereotyping of genders. Educators have reported the girls have a better understanding and perception of themselves after coming in contact with such events and campaign. Female students are now said to be receptive towards choosing careers where they can contribute more effectively to their society, rather than careers compatible with homemaking.
Equal Opportunities and Social Justice
Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa