Project Vision
Sabarikumar Jambu joined the Regional School of Medical Volunteers in 2021 as a student, later upgraded to the post of an instructor for International School of Medical Volunteers in 2022. Being a volunteer in Adaptation program for International Students in Far Eastern Federal University which was working under the International Department of FEFU, was a another level of experience. During the Covid pandemic situation he and his team helped the international students of Far Eastern Federal University, in quarantine center, PCR center and in giving every medical aid.

The students who were a part of Regional School of Medical Volunteers 2022, not only successfully got accredited as MEDICAL VOLUNTEERS, but also saved lives in real. A lot of them have shared their success stories with the organization; this is the biggest positive outcome of the event. Jambu also plans to create such type of organizations and teach the maximum number of people, the basic principles of first aid in India.
Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle
India, Asia-pacific region