Purpose of the event: focus on enhancing the elderly's quality of life by integrating social resources, conducting activities to assist the elderly with wisdom, emphasizing information literacy, encouraging their full integration and participation in social life, fostering a social climate of inclusion, acceptance, and respect for the elderly, and enhancing their standard of living and social harmony. It is dedicated to raising the bar of social governance through volunteerism, resolving social issues using the principles of sustainable development, advocating for "bridging the gap between numbers and fields," fostering the development of young public welfare leaders, addressing the issue of the inclusion of the elderly in the information age, and setting new standards for the concept of transforming society through volunteerism.

Since its founding, the organization has established volunteer service teams in 29 cities and more than 100 colleges and universities across the nation. Each year, nearly 10,000 volunteers actively participate in the organization's programs, supporting more than 500 communities and more than 250,000 elderly people directly and another 1 million seniors indirectly. The organization has received recognition from the National Respect for Elderly Civilization Award and the China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition Gold Medal, among other honors.
Equal opportunities and social justice
China, Asia-Pacific region