Stray Animal Rescue Society
The main idea of the project is cultural changes on people's attitudes towards animals. Stop uncontrolled reproduction of stray animals. Build conditions helping people change their mind of animals on the streets. Uncontrolled breeding of dogs leads to the decision of city administrations to remove them from the streets.

The violence begins at an early age, when people can afford to harm our lesser brethren. The population, lacking the information base and skill to handle animals, unintentionally contributes to their reproduction. Reducing the numbers by inhumane means negatively affects the culture of animal treatment in the country and the reputation of the state in the international community.

The organization save animals so that the future generation of citizens become more merciful, and that citizens of the country can safely and comfortably coexist with the fauna that surrounds them.
Ecology and sustainable development
Uzbekistan, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)