Swarmani Youth Welfare Association U.T. Chandirarh
In the last 5 years, Swarmani Youth Welfare Association has worked in almost all relatable fields and has given our level best and the results have proved our success. Even in the pandemic times, volunteers did not step back but rather put their best foot forward to work for the society: distributed groceries, cooked and uncooked food even in the remotest parts of the city; provided health kits and immunity boosting kits to people; trained them about maintaining hygiene and the correct way of washing the hands, social distancing and the nutritious food items they could eat to prevent catching the virus.

Volunteers worked for cleanliness in the society and making it green and to prevent the spread of diseases and avoid mosquito breeding: collected plastic and electronic waste and disposed them with the Government authorized recyclers to ensure its proper disposal; collected 4000 tonne of plastic and trained thousands of students about the collection and segregation of plastic and electronic waste. More than 50,000 people were educated about maintain cleanliness.
Ecology and sustainable development
India, Asia-Pacific region