The Eco Warriors Movement
The Eco Warrior Movement is a youth driven and led movement that is intended to restoring degraded landscape and mitigate climate change by an integrated and inclusive approach. The Eco Warriors Movement provides a platform to create awareness of the current state of the environment; to reiterate the inalienable connection of humanity to nature and a call to action to restore nature and to preserve it for posterity. Major activities in the last 5years include:

1. Climate Smart Tree: the project uses the science of tree planting to innovatively cleanse ambient air, sequester carbon, create habitat for arboreal organisms and initiate pockets of urban forest around sanitation related areas like refuse dump and public toilets in urban areas in Ghana.

2. Environmental Storytelling: in this project volunteers use storytelling as a tool to communicate environmental knowledge and educate young people. Shares our childhood memories on how Nature provided for us and ensured our socialization in community settings.

3. Eco Club Formation: compliment the efforts by the educational system to educate students on environmental sustainability and climate change by forming clubs in schools where students interact and engage to find solutions to the environmental challenges of their communities.
Ecology and sustainable development
Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa