The Way We Must Take
Pathum Ranasinghe Arachchilage launched various projects for empowering the youth community. One of his main projects is 'The Way We Must Take'. The economic crisis turned into a political crisis by March 2022. Mr. Arachchilage prepared a project that included proposals on how to resolve the crisis and establish social justice and present it to the society. He wants to show that there is a group of young leaders with economic and political knowledge suitable to take responsibility in the political and administrative sphere in the future and to organizes the National Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka as a powerful influence group.

Now there is an opportunity to connect representatives of the National Youth Parliament to the Sectoral Oversight Committees of the Parliament of Sri Lanka and the youth will have the opportunity to ask the ministers directly for information about the current issues in the country.
Equal Opportunities and Social Justice
Sri Lanka, Asia-pacific region