In the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, under the decision-making and deployment of the central government, more than 42,000 medical workers rushed to help Hubei from all over the country, and together with the people of Hubei and Wuhan, they sounded the "Assembly Call" for the defense of Hubei and Wuhan.

In order to record the heroic image of the angel in white walking against the wind and the touching moment after taking off the mask, the publicity team of the Central Steering Group planned to launch the "image recording project" to take a portrait of every medical worker who helped Hubei when the mask was taken off. In this context, the Chinese Photographers Association went to Hubei to fight the epidemic. The photography team started on February 21 and continued to fight for more than 40 days. Finally, more than 42,000 photos were taken, covering 98% of the portraits of medical staff in Hubei. The documentary "Witness" uses images to truly record the birth process of these 42,000 photos from a head-up perspective and follow-up shooting.
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