Youth and Child-led Advocacy Panel
Youth and Child-led Advocacy Panel (YACAP) is a non-profit youth led organization registered in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria for the promotion of youth and children's advocacy on social and economic development via advocacy, engagement and capacity building.

YACAP is an African Youth and Child led advocacy organization established by a group of young people in the ECOWAS states and East Africa with the aim to advocate for the right, protection and development of student children's and young people and for the promoting of the basic human right, it sets a platform for other lead up actions which include but not limited to, cultural, social, political and economic tolerance.


1. For the past three years YACAP has been organizing the national youth leadership summit which is the biggest youth summit activity in the country that aims at empowering young people especially girls into leadership. In these three years, we have empowered over 2000 young people, and we know it has increased because the people we empower in turn do the same.

2. YACAP also celebrates the International Children's Day of broadcasting which aims at giving voice to the children to go out to the media and talk about issues affecting them in order to raise a massive awareness by the children's themselves.

3. YACAP is part of the Child right act coalition to ensure that we have a strong force to end issues affecting children especially the Girl Child.

4. YACAP is also part of the End child marriage coalition as we know there are complicated issues when it comes to child marriage that needs attention.

5. YACAP organized that National Youth leadership Summit, annually from year 2015 to 2022, the Summit network young people together from across African to discuss youth related issues and pave away to solve them.
Equal opportunities and social justice
Sierra Leone, Sub-Saharan Africa