Zero Plastic National Movement
Zero Plastic National Movement is creating a social behavioral change among Sri Lankans to create an effective plastic management system. The movement is collaborating with more than 15 private and state universities, Central Environmental Authority, government bodies, external communities, organizations and corporates in order to strengthen the network. Moreover force is reinforced with more than 3,000 active volunteers and 12,000 plus 3R followers.

The primary objective of the Movement is to create solutions to promote nature conservation with the support of the force towards sustainable development. The movement is focusing on both raising awareness of the communities and as well as on ground work. For the past few years the movement has reinforced more than 5,000 individuals towards 3R, has conducted door to door awareness sessions, workshops for schools, corporates, universities and conducted webinars and panel discussions, coastal cleanups. iconic places cleanups and also sites.
Ecology and sustainable development
Sri Lanka, Asia-Pacific region